A messy coalescence of bits of bizarre wandering debris from the edges of the universe into a vaguely humanoid being. I hope to translate this pervasive feeling of oneness and nothingness into drawings that might in some little way make the lonely feel less alone and the complacent feel a little uncomfortable.

For 15 years I’ve struggled with the beast inside my mind. Depression and anxiety have been my friends and allies, and my greatest enemies.

In the summer of 2013 I fell out of a tree and broke my spine. I’ve learned to walk again. I’ve learned to live with distressing physical symptoms. Still, none of this has been as difficult as my fight against myself.

In this sad and sorry world there is yet hope and it looks like you and me. We are each others greatest assets. In sharing our struggles we become stronger.

If you care to know me, to know my art, I am here for you.