A Dream of Peace

I’m feeling precarious today and pawing through my art there’s so much darkness I just don’t feel safe delving into right now. So I’m posting a little picture I did of my safe space. Here I sit in peace in a cave under a waterfall. I imagine myself taking flight fearlessly. I’m surrounded by nature because I believe there is great solace, and indeed, inspiration in the strength of a tree trunk, the persistent waters of a stream, the resilient petals of a bloom.

Today many people worldwide are dreaming of peace for themselves and the amazing diversity of souls that populate the earth. They’re not just dreaming, they’re marching.

For as long as there have been humans there have been individuals and groups that want to take more than their share and leave the rest with nothing. There are still people who believe you can or should drain a well of every drop and then move on to the next one. What they don’t seem to realize, or perhaps care to, is that one day there won’t be another well and while they’re juicy and moist, the world and people around them are dehydrated to a crispy crust.

Naturally, these people will do anything to get what they want and predictably these morally bankrupt villains lord over the gentle and good. It’s easy to win if you cheat. While non-violent, loving folks are trying to understand the despair that produces such miserable thieves, said thieves are sneaking in the back door and stealing their very last can of Who-hash.

I’m beginning to see that unlike the Grinch, these villains’ hearts won’t grow two sizes when they hear our voices rising over the snow. I want to believe there’s good in everyone, but maybe that’s naive. Those rights and freedoms that we fight for are inherently ours, but they’re denied us by the people we literally pay to take care of us. This isn’t right and we won’t stand for it. We will never stop fighting.

A Dream of Peace by Camille Willis


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