The Roots Of Psychedelia


What is the root of psychedelia? Is it within us or without? Are the tangled branches of the trees really cradling peering eyes? Most would say “No, dammit, you’re obviously on drugs.” While some consider psychedelics and spiritual experiences a window into reality, or one possible form of it, many are convinced that if no one else sees it, it doesn’t exist. But our idea that reality is a verifiable constant is flawed and limiting. It is not uncommon for our senses to lie to us, in fact, there’s no real way to tell if they do anything else. While we can ask Jim if he sees the polka dot polar bear riding a unicycle across the horizon, and he can say he does and “what was in those cheese fries?”, how can we know Jim is not just an extension of ourselves verifying our beliefs? How can we know if we are not all dream characters in an alien’s nightmare?

In the spring of 2013 I went on several hikes at the Schnecksville Game Preserve with my ex. It was a strange time for me. I have tried to maintain friendships with several of my exes but this was one of the most difficult and most important to me. He had been my friend since childhood and I didn’t want him to exit my life. However, my love for him was passionate and transitioning into a platonic relationship was tricky. It was in May of 2013 that I had my accident, there at the Schnecksville Game Preserve, on a hike with my ex.


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